How to extend satellite from LAN room to conference room

How to extend satellite from LAN room to conference room

We have all our satellite receivers in the LAN room, which is about 100 feet from our conference rooms.   How can we extend the satellite signal (HDMI) plus the IR control from the remote to the conference rooms?

You can fairly easily extend the HDMI and IR signals between the LAN room and the conference rooms by using an HDMI transmitter and receiver that also passes the IR signal.  At the TV end, you would mount an IR receiver to capture the IR signal.AT-IRX-CSw


The IR receiver would be connected to the IR port on the HDMI/IR receiver. The HDMI port would be connected to the HDMI port on the TV.AT-HDTX-RSNETs

You would run either CAT5e, CAT6, or CAT6 shielded cable between the HDMI/IR receiver and the HDMI/IR transmitter at the satellite end.  The type of CAT cable depends on the distance and the type of transmitter/receivers you use.


The HDMI from the transmitter is connected to the HDMI on the satellite box.  You connect an IR emitterir-emitter to the HDMI/IR transmitter and the other end, the “bud” or emitter is secured to the satellite box over the IR receiver port.


Now, from the conference room, you can point your remote at the TV and change satellite channels.