Adding a Skype call to your Broadcast

Everyone has seen how news shows like CNN interview remote guests via Skype using the internet to carry the audio and video.  ts-frame4-1 Some of the Skype interviews look good, but others have poor quality due to a variety of factors.

Now, with the new product from Newtek called TalkShow, you can integrate Skype calls into your broadcasts at the best quality possible over the available bandwidth.   How does TalkShow do this?  It has some unique features to accomplish high quality calls.  The first is that the Skype video is upscaled to full HD 1920 x1080, and transferred to the broadcast system via digital HD SDI.   This is the highest video quality available.   Audio can be embedded also in the SDI stream.

Besides the SDI output, TalkShow has many other features that improve the quality.   You have manual and automatic color correction, and advanced methods for bringing in audio such as digital Dante audio.  You can set a video quality threshold, and if your internet bandwidth can’t provide that, TalkShow will automatically switch to audio only with a still snapshot of the guest appearing.  And unlike scan converting a PC based Skype call, you utilize the full video quality of the call, and scale it up to 1920 x 1080.   With control over incoming calls, you have no embarrassing “calls ringing in” while broadcasting the guest.talkshow-box-frame1