Mobile Sports Video Production Studio

When I was sitting bundled up at my son’s soccer game last January, and it was 30 degrees with 20 mph wind, I thought that there must be a better way to watch high school sports games.   I was among the 4 parents who braved the elements to see 25 of our players battle the other team.  Where were the other parents? Avoiding the cold, or couldn’t get off from work, or caught in traffic, or out of town, or who knows.

With the power of internet video streaming and the Mobile Sports Video Production Studio, you can watch games from the comfort of your home, your office, or on the go via a tablet of phone.  You can invite classmates, grandparents, friends and relatives to enjoy the broadcast also.

The system also has expansion capability – you can add one more camera or video input, and you can use the included TriCaster feature called iVGA to bring in a screen from a laptop or PC.

Please read on for a complete description of the system.

Mobile Sports Video Production Studio

A complete  Mobile Sports Video Production Studio including 3 cameras for streaming and recording your sports (and other) events.  Just add the internet connection and you are streaming to YouTube, Facebook Live, your CDN, or any other site.   With two 50′ SDI cables, and one 100′ cable, you can position cameras around the field.  Engineered to use rugged SDI cables, the package is designed for field sports production.

Everything you need is included in a rugged, transportable case.  The package includes:

  • 3 JVC GY-HM250SP Camcorders for HD recording + Wireless adapters, 64GB SD Cards, extra charger, extra batteries, cases, and rain slicks
  • Cartoni FOCUS 8 Fluid Head assembled with 1 handle, 2 stages aluminum DSLR/UHD Tripod, mid-level Spreader and rubber feet. This System includes a soft bag.
  • Newtek TriCaster Mini and 21″ display
  • Mackie 12×2 audio mixing board with headphones
  • Two microphones for announcers – one lavaliere and one handheld microphone
  • Two 50′ SDI camera cables and one 100′ camera cable
  • All other connection cables
  • Rugged, roll-around case with drawer for storage – for transport and shipping – includes additional case for monitor.  The front of the case comes off and converts into a table that your announcers and production assistants can sit at.
  • Complete configuration and training

The GY-HM200SP is included instead of the regular GY-HM200SP because the SP cameras can also be used alone for a game because they include software to add scores right in the camera.  If you have 2 or 3 games going on at the same time, you can send the studio to one game, and a camera to each of the other games.