Sony FS7 M2 Master Class with Alister Chapman on 3/1/17

Videotex Systems and Sony is pleased to present our Sony PXW-FS7 M2 Workshop on March 1, 2017 in two duplicate sessions with lunch at noon. If you attend the 10:30, stay for lunch at 12. If you attend the 1pm, come early for lunch.

The presenter is Alister Chapman, and his bio is below.


The workshop will cover the following:

Introduction to the FS7

  • Differences between the FS7 and FS7 II
  • More information on the variable ND filter.
  • What is Rec-709, where did it come from and what that means in practical terms.
  • Signal to noise ratio explained – why it’s important.
  • Exposing and shooting using Rec-709.
  • Exposing and shooting with Hypergammas.
  • Exposing and shooting with S-Log2 and S-Log3.
  • ISO – what does it really mean with an electronic camera and how should we use it.
  • Native ISO – what does it mean and why is it important.
  • Cine EI – using exposure index to control the signal to noise ratio.
  • Overview of the LUT’s included with the camera.


  • Handling and backing up the media.
  • What is grading?
  • Brief outline of different types of log workflows including the use of LUT’s, S-Curves or a color managed workflow (ACES, DaVinci color managed).

HDR and future deliverables.

  • How to use the FS7 for HDR productions.
  • Rec-2020 – what are the practical applications (SDR and HDR)


Alister Chapman is cinematographer/producer/editor/colorist…. jack of all trades perhaps, that has worked in broadcast television since 1986. These days he works mainly as a cinematographer, but in the past worked on many types of programs from documentary to sports to drama as cameraman, editor and colorist. One of the very first shows he worked on was as a cameraman for the BBC’s “Top Gear”. In 1999 Alister’s production company gained a commission from National Geographic to produce a 1 hour special on severe weather and storm chasing. Since then Alister has been involved in all kinds of projects shooting natural extremes from Hurricanes and tornadoes to the northern lights. He now shoots high end stock footage for feature films, museum exhibits and TV productions. In recent years Alister has become well know for his ability to explain many of the advanced techniques used in modern film making in simple and easy to understand ways. He is in demand around the world as a trainer and educator and is a guest lecturer at universities in Europe and Asia. Alister is also known for his website which has become a valuable source of information for users of Sony cameras.