Maximizing The Hybrid Work Environment for Your Business

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Discover How The Right Team Management Platform Increases Productivity And Profits 

The way we work is undergoing a seismic shift unlike anything businesses have seen before. As a result of the recent disruptions, employees and, most importantly, employers have learned that remote and hybrid work environments are not only possible but efficient.  

Gallup recently found that while companies are to retain many office spaces, they expect 53% of staff to work a three-day hybrid schedule and a further 24% to remain exclusively remote. The challenge of properly managing such a diverse group requires power tools that facilitate clear communication and access to information.  

At Videotex Systems, we bring years of experience creating better communication for business, including integrating IP-based technologies. Are you ready to maximize the new normal for your McKinney, TX company? Keep reading below to find out more. 

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Risks And Rewards 

The lifeblood of a business is communication; meetings are where new ideas are generated, products are enhanced, and solutions are forged. Where we once gathered in rooms with coffee and doughnuts, now individuals can be located in another state, city, or halfway across the globe. Cliff Justice, the US leader of enterprise innovation at KPMG, is quoted in a Forbes magazine article stating: 

“While being virtual affords us many opportunities, there’s also the inherent challenge of striking the right balance of community and social connection that comes with an in-person workforce. Being remote puts some limitations on that and can make it challenging to identify the blind spots.”


Bring Your Teams Together 

We work with you to design and install systems that provide the perfect balance of in-house technology and off-site platforms that enable your staff to collaborate, create, and capture market share. With Microsoft Teams, you have all the tools needed to connect people and information, using virtual workspaces to grow the company and individually. 

Whether you are looking to have a quick chat, run a webinar or enable everyone to participate, Microsoft empowers you to gather, record, and share documents no matter if they are in the office or working from home. The built-in features enable secure one-touch access, shared whiteboards, and intelligent speaker recognition. The results are shorter downtimes, more productive hours, and faster rollouts of your products while maintaining industry compliance. 


Bringing It All Together

Any relationship coach will tell you that the key to a productive conversation is listening and being heard. To ensure you can do this in any environment, it helps to have tools that put you front and center.

Microsoft-enabled hardware enhances how you sound and look. When your words are clear and non-verbal gestures are transmitted, comprehension of ideas rises, and personal connections are created. In addition, the headsets, tablets, web cameras, speakerphones, and displays leverage the platform’s power of inclusivity. 


Foster Growth and Innovation

The rise of hybrid work offers improved life/work balance and a more productive workforce. Are you ready to meet the challenge? To start the conversation, call us at 800-888-4336 or fill out our contact form. We look forward to working with you!