3 Must-Have Technologies to Integrate into Your Campus

A classroom full of students looking at a projector at the front of the class.

Enhance your learning environment with our high-tech solutions!

One of the best ways to harness technology is to use it to improve education. So, whether you need a fun way to teach math to elementary school children or hold a seminar on aeronautical engineering for college students, Videotex Systems provides the education technology solutions that enhance your learning environment. Keep reading our blog to learn more about the innovations that improve your Irving, TX campus. 

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Create a Whole AV Experience: Distributed Audio

A good sound system is a crucial part of any technology-based education. Whether you want to install your distributed audio in classrooms or a whole auditorium, Videotex can design, integrate, and install high-quality speakers, amplifiers, microphones, and many more devices. These sound system solutions tackle many AV challenges, such as speech intelligibility to increase comprehension and retention.


Create a Whole AV Experience: Videowalls

If you are looking for a video technology solution that will impress and grab your student’s attention, then videowalls are the way to go! This installation is perfect for large classroom auditoriums where visibility is crucial. Videowalls also work well in overflow areas and larger halls, allowing you to effortlessly share everything from the latest news in school to complete lectures.

Our experts will design your video technology based on your needs and preferences with a variety of displays and inputs. Then, it’s simple to control your content via an easy-to-use interface. Sharing notes, video, and lectures with your students has never been easier!


Keep Communication with a PA System

While public address systems aren’t exactly for educational purposes, they are a key element in every school. They are the main way to communicate important announcements, assemblies, and even alert the student body of any emergencies or threats. For this reason, if you want to keep the communication between school authorities and students flowing, you should reach out to the experts at Videotex for a consultation! They will work with you to learn your needs and challenges, establish your goals and then design a project that satisfies your requirements.


At Videotex Systems, we are committed to delivering the highest quality of services and technologies to elevate your business. Are you ready to incorporate any of these tech solutions and enhance your educational experience? Contact us today and learn more. 

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