3 Ways to Elevate Your Business with Digital Signage Solutions

A Samsung video wall is installed in the lobby of a commercial building.

Integrate customized digital signage to enhance your commercial environment

One of the best ways to communicate with your team efficiently is through interactive audiovisual content. Digital signage is also the perfect way to engage with visitors in your building. By installing video walls, LCD monitors, projection systems, and other digital signs, you can display everything from videos to web pages to marketing messages and everything in between. Keep reading our blog to learn more about the benefits of a digital signage installation in your Plano, TX, business.

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Keep Communication Open with Your Team 

Communication is key. This is true for any relationship, including the one you have with your staff. Unfortunately, maintaining healthy, ongoing communication with your team is not always easy. But don’t worry, our digital signage solutions can help you with that! 

Want to remind your employees about your monthly all-company meeting? How about sending a memo about an important lead to your sales team? Whatever the notification is, you can seamlessly deliver the message to your team through engaging visual content, allowing you to keep morale high and communication flowing.


Celebrate Your Corporate Culture

Not every message you send to your team has to be work-related! A workplace where employees feel happy and inspired is made of the little things. For example, through an engaging animation displayed on our video walls, you can effortlessly take some time to appreciate your team and give shoutouts to the most productive workers, celebrate personal and company-related milestones, and continuously share your core values and business culture with staff and clients alike.


Quickly Notify Your Staff of Threats or Emergencies

Even with the greatest surveillance systems and fire alarms in place, accidents are bound to happen. For example, suppose your company ever faces an emergency situation. In that case, we can bet your priority is to keep your people safe and sound, but notifying your entire team without a reliable communication system is virtually impossible.

Our digital signage solutions allow you to quickly send a message to everyone in your building about any threat or crisis taking place, show evacuation routes, and even explain your action plan to reassure them and keep them calm.


At Videotex Systems, we are committed to delivering high-tech solutions designed to satisfy your company’s unique needs. Are you curious about the many ways you can elevate your business with our digital signage solutions? Contact us right here to learn more!