Control and Manage All Your AV Equipment from One Interface

A large video conferencing room with table microphones, a large screen TV, and an American flag at the back of the room.

The Extron Automation System Makes Managing Your Video Conferencing and Collaboration Spaces Effortless

Corporations are continuing to redefine their workforce, with many incorporating a hybrid model due to their employees’ needs and a growing global presence. This remote model requires a business that offers collaborative spaces, enabling workers to engage despite the distance. 

At Videotex, we specialize in designing, installing, and servicing reliable audio-video solutions for boardrooms and video conferencing. To accomplish this, we partner with best-in-class brands that remain on the cutting edge of today’s AV technology. In the world of an AV integrator, that brand and product is the Extron Automation system. Let’s explore what they offer and how we’re helping businesses in Richardson, TX, meet the new needs of today’s remote workforce.

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Creating the Space

The team at Videotex designs everything from AV systems for small huddle rooms and conference rooms to large-scale AV distribution systems. Some businesses are starting from scratch, while others are updating existing spaces. While rooms may be limited, today’s technology allows us to transform unused office areas into open collaboration spaces, creating areas for group participation and quick meetings. 

We’ve found that a successful collaboration room requires easy-to-use technology and the ability to manage it remotely. The right communication technology can make meetings effortless and help all participants feel engaged, whether in the room or on the other side of the world. Additionally, employees need to be able to share content from their laptops or tablets as if sitting in the same room. Finally, at the core of a successful collaboration space is a secure, reliable network. 


Extron Control and Automation

Extron Control and Automation is a scalable system that works for small to massive corporations, universities, and government agencies that require hundreds, if not thousands, of collaboration spaces. It manages, monitors, and controls almost any AV device over a standard network. 

Their AV technology platform creates a seamless experience for all participants. It also incorporates a room scheduling platform that links with popular calendar services like Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, iCalendar, and Office 365 for easy-to-manage bookings and sharing.

Their GlobalViewer Enterprise system manages all AV equipment throughout the entire company. It also offers a quick glimpse at the status of all equipment in every room to ensure rooms are ready for meetings and easy to locate for remote support. From the Help Desk, you can find all the information for the entire organization or campus in one user-friendly interface. 

You can also preset schedules, like turning off all AV equipment at a set time every day or reminders for support and maintenance. When devices go offline or develop problems, you’ll receive an alert via text messages or email. With its tracking capabilities, you’ll stay informed about room and device usage, helping maintain an adequate inventory and ensuring optimum performance. 

Even better? This system integrates with the leading communications companies, such as Zoom, Logitech, Cisco, Microsoft, and Polycom. 


At Videotex, our team of engineers and certified technicians ensure a seamless AV experience no matter the size of your organization. To learn more about audio-visual integration and the Extron automation system, or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Videotex today.