5 Elements of a Strong Commercial Security System

Leave No Blind Spots in Your Business’s Security 

Is your security system stuck in the past? If you’re still relying on outdated, pixelated surveillance cameras and a small team of guards to protect your property, you may be accidentally leaving gaps in your security strategy. 

With centralized commercial security systems, your security team can receive immediate notifications, view live video feeds, and access control information all from the same platform. When it’s all consolidated into one system, less confusion and miscommunications will arise. 

To make your security system stronger and smarter, implement these five security technologies in your McKinney, TX business. 

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1. Surveillance Cameras 

Today’s surveillance cameras display HD video with artificially intelligent video analytics. AI can tell the difference between a person, animal, or car and let you search through feeds for specific items. For example, you can locate a license plate number or a “man in a yellow shirt” simply by typing in a keyword search term. Video analytics can help manage when and where activity is reported. If someone walks past an invisible trip line, for instance, your system will be automatically notified. But the system won’t alert you about every motion detected—only truly suspicious activity.

2. Access Control 

Before anyone can enter the premises, they’ll need to verify who they are before passing through the door. An access control system prompts staff to tap smart key cards or use biometric readers, like fingerprint and palm readers. That way, anyone who isn’t in the system will need to obtain a visitor pass and won’t be able to enter until they do. 

3. Automated Door Locks 

Exterior doors should lock automatically when closed, and in sensitive areas, they should also lock and require access permissions. With smart locks, your security team has the power to remotely lock and unlock doors if there are safety or security concerns.

4. Alarms 

Despite all the protection automated locks, access control, and cameras provide, an alarm system is still essential to notify the building of emergencies. We can sync smart lights to flash in correspondence with alarms, and security personnel can quickly check the system to see where the alarm was triggered and, by checking cameras, determine why.

5. Intercom/Communication 

Whether there’s a dangerous storm approaching or a suspicious person in the building, you need a quick and efficient way to communicate with staff. An intercom system keeps everyone in-the-know during emergencies, and a mass communication system can send text messages, push notifications, and voicemails to report critical information. 

All Connected to One System 

With cameras, access control permissions, door locks, alarms, and communication integrated into a single control system, your business’s security information is never out of reach. Even if a security staff member is on one side of the building, they can be alerted of activity on the other side and immediately review footage and lock doors from the system app. 

Could your business use a smarter approach to security? Videotex Systems installs state-of-the-art security systems using today’s most innovative hardware and software. We’ve partnered with companies like Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, the University of North Texas, and more, to create safer work environments. 


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