Slow or Unresponsive Internet? Here’s How to Improve Your Office Networking

Two men sitting at desks in an office, working on computers.

3 Fixes for Troublesome Office Internet

Your business relies on speedy, reliable internet to carry out the day’s operations. Without it, you could lose hours of productivity that push deadlines back. 

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance your company’s Wi-Fi isn’t cutting it, leading to frequent reboots and frustration. What many people don’t realize is that office networking isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. You may have the highest speeds from your ISP and the latest networking equipment, but your space’s size and internet demands may call for other solutions.

As a commercial networking company, Videotex helps businesses of all kinds in the Garland, TX, area. After assessing your situation, we can determine if one of the following fixes solves your internet woes. Here are three ways we can improve your network performance! 

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1. Install Enterprise-Grade Hardware 

If your office uses routers and modems meant for homes, that’s your first culprit. Consumer-grade hardware can’t support large areas and high demands like enterprise-grade equipment. If you visit a university or shopping mall, you can bet they use commercial networking hardware to provide steady Wi-Fi across a vast area.

Enterprise-grade hardware can communicate with many more devices simultaneously and lasts longer than residential devices. It also features stronger security to protect against cyber threats businesses are more vulnerable to. 

2. Build a System of Access Points 

To spread Wi-Fi across a large building, we install wireless access points to redistribute signals in hard-to-reach areas. Access points are hardwired back to the router, so it picks up the signal and shares it in another area. We don’t use wireless repeaters in commercial settings, as they are much weaker than access points.

While it may sound paradoxical, wireless access points are actually wired into the system and therefore broadcast a strong signal. We’re strategic about access point placements, ensuring wall materials and room layouts aren’t blocking signals. 

3. Wire More Devices to the Network 

Sure, Wi-Fi is convenient when you’re on the go. And besides entering a Wi-Fi password, it doesn’t require any installation on your end. But ideally, any stagnant desktop computers, conferencing displays, digital signage, and wall-mounted screens should be wired to the internet.

Why? This will take a substantial load off your Wi-Fi network, and through wiring, we ensure your systems stay connected. Wiring does present its own challenges, keeping in mind that cables over 100 meters long can hinder performance and that certain data speeds call for specific cables. When you hire networking professionals like Videotex, we’ll build a network infrastructure with repeaters, gateways, and bridges to keep your whole business online.

Commercial networking requires much more than plugging in a router and connecting to Wi-Fi. Let Videotex design and install a network infrastructure that accounts for your specific needs. That way, day after day, your organization will enjoy high speeds and dependable internet. 


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