How Commercial Lighting Control Benefits All Businesses

Crowd of people sitting in an auditorium with a large video display projected behind two speakers.

Save Time & Energy While Adding Beauty to Your Building 

Should your business or institution install a lighting control system? That depends. If you run a tiny shop or office that’s only one room, you may not need a system to manage and automate your lights and shades. But if your organization is where many people visit or gather daily, and if it spans many rooms or buildings, you’ll find a commercial lighting system to be a game-changer. 

In this article, we’ll share the benefits of commercial lighting control and how it can assist many different types of businesses. So whether you’re researching for a Dallas, TX school, house of worship, or corporate office downtown, here’s why lighting control is such a valuable asset! 

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What Are the Benefits of Lighting Control? 

A smart lighting system connects all your light fixtures and smart window shades into a single platform that you can access via smartphone, tablet, or remote. From there, you can sync lights into zones and rooms that can be activated and automated in unison. For example, lights in certain areas can turn on automatically in the morning and power off at night,saving energy. 

And that’s only the beginning! A lighting control system allows you to customize the color and brightness of each bulb and save schedules for lighting settings. Imagine lights in the office starting bright and cool-white at the start of the day, then gradually warming and dimming by evening. Your staff will feel more energized and comfortable while timers and sensors help the building save electricity. 

What Technology Does It Involve? 

In large commercial settings, we connect LED lights and motorized shades to Crestron control systems that can handle sophisticated programming. We’ll run data and power cabling to your lights, so they’re always connected to the network and respond to your every command. 

What Types of Businesses Can Use Lighting Control? 

Any business can benefit from commercial lighting control, but here’s how your specific organization may use the system! 

Houses of Worship 

Lighting plays an integral role in worship services, and with a control system, it only requires a press of a button or swipe on a screen to set the lights to the ideal color and brightness. Custom wall keypads with buttons like “Morning Service” and “Night Service” can set the lights to preferred settings, and landscape lighting can be automated to shine on your congregation outdoors. 


Does your school want to create a better learning environment? Maybe it’s time to upgrade from harsh fluorescent lights! A smart system allows you to automate LED lights to replicate sunlight indoors, helping boost students’ moods and inspiring them to learn. Plus, integrated motion sensors and timers can power off lights in vacant rooms, so you’ll save energy, too. 

Corporate Offices 

From office spaces to conference rooms, your staff can activate and customize lights directly on a wall control panel, wall keypads, or through voice commands. Imagine a setting labeled “Presentation” that, once activated, lowers window shades and dims the lights to the perfect setting. 

Arenas & Venues 

Set the stage for concerts, conferences, seminars, and events with stage lighting that’s intuitively controlled through the Crestron system. You can save settings to activate anytime, so achieving the right lighting only requires a single command. 

Is your Dallas business ready for a new and improved lighting? You’ve come to the right place. Videotex designs and installs custom lighting control systems in businesses large and small. Contact us here to get started today!