Boost Your Conferencing Experience with QSC Audio & Control Systems

People sitting in an elevated auditorium with curved seating. On the ceiling are projectors and in-ceiling speakers.

Work with a QSC Dealer for State-of-the-Art Conferencing Solutions 

As we look at trends in the workplace, it’s safe to say hybrid meetings are here to stay. But to effectively meet with remote participants, your company needs high-quality conference room audio, video, microphones, and cameras that are easy to control. 

If your organization is ready to upgrade its conference rooms, you may wonder what hardware and software are the best options. Let us introduce you to QSC! 

QSC builds high-end audio equipment and AV control systems. Not only do they manufacture top-notch architectural speakers, but you can also use their Q-SYS system to integrate hardware with meeting software like Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet.

In this article, we’ll share what makes QSC one of our top picks for conference room AV and how a QSC dealer can help your Garland, TX business.

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QSC’s In-Ceiling Audio 

QSC’s speakers are regularly used in movie theaters and concert venues, so you can bet their audio will sound great in your meeting rooms or auditoriums. One reason businesses prefer QSC is their in-ceiling architectural speakers. You’ll supply sound to every corner of the room with loudspeakers that camouflage into the ceiling surface. Whether the speakers are installed in the office lobby or large conferencing spaces, you can seamlessly connect QSC speakers to audio streaming and video conferencing platforms. 

Q-SYS Control System 

QSC doesn’t stop with high-end speakers. It also offers the Q-SYS system, which is a cloud-manageable control platform for AV hardware that functions on an IT infrastructure.

With Q-SYS, the operating system provides a single foundation for all your business’s conferencing and AV equipment. And control isn’t limited to QSC brand hardware. Integrate third-party microphones, cameras, HD displays, and tabletop consoles that can be controlled in unison through Q-SYS. Rather than program and integrate each device individually, the Q-SYS system operates holistically by processing through software. 

Third-Party Brands That Work with Q-SYS 

A Q-SYS system is compatible with much of the equipment and software your business already uses, including: 

  • Google Meet 
  • Zoom 
  • Microsoft Teams 
  • Logitech
  • Intel 
  • Sennheiser 
  • Barco 
  • Dell 
  • Cisco 
  • SurgeX
  • Roku 
  • Mersive 
  • And many more! 

The Difference Q-SYS Makes 

Modern conference rooms rely on advanced room control, audio processing, multiple video distributions, and automation. A software-based solution like Q-SYS simplifies managing and scaling your meeting rooms, providing seamless collaboration to every area in your organization. 

In conference rooms, your staff can stay in the Microsoft Teams or Google Meet interface they’re comfortable with while using advanced room features and functionality. Microphones, cameras, video, audio, and control consoles will all sync to the meeting or presentation, and everyone can expect a standard across your business’s rooms.

If your Texas company is still using outdated conferencing hardware and software, Videotex is here to help. We design and install corporate technology solutions to enhance connection and collaboration. 


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