3 Ways Video Walls Can Help Your Business

A large video wall displaying greenery visuals. It reads, “A splash of green. See art and nature.” A sign on the wall says “Museum Store.”

Sleeker Than TV Displays, Brighter Than Projection Screens

Is your business ready to upgrade its visual displays? Whether you’re looking to update the lobby, lecture hall, or large conference space, video walls offer larger-than-life imagery that can be built to fit any dimension or shape. 

What are video walls? They’re made of modular LED panels that can be stitched together to reach any dimension. 

Video walls make an eye-catching welcome to anyone visiting your organization, with stunning 4K imagery and bright, rich colors. But they aren’t just for decoration. A video wall installation can be a tremendously helpful asset and tool that your company will benefit from daily. 

Here’s how your Irving, TX business can use a video wall installation! 

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1. Provide a Backdrop for Performances & Events 

If your business hosts events, festivals, presentations, expos, or shows, use a video wall to set the scene on stage. Cloud-based systems make it easy for your staff to quickly change the background visuals, whether it’s video content, branded imagery, or bold colors. 

LED video walls are modular, which means we can build them to any size you need. So everyone in the room, even the furthest seat in the back, will be able to see your wall-sized display! 

2. Supplement Presentations and Conferences 

Perhaps your company hosts lectures and seminars in an auditorium or large conferencing space. A video wall is wide and clear enough for everyone to see the graphs and numbers on display. You can even use video walls for virtual conferencing. If you’re meeting with teams or clients across national and international offices, everyone will have a view of their video feed. 

Video walls are also an excellent solution for houses of worship. Congregants can follow along during the service and sing songs as words and imagery are displayed on the vast video panel. 

3. Share Helpful Information & Directions 

Where you may have originally used a TV screen or printed sign, you can share visitor information on a dazzling video wall instead. It captures the entire wall, and therefore, everyone’s attention, so important messaging won’t be missed. 

Use the video wall to showcase anything about your business, from visitor maps to ticket prices and menu items. Or get creative and use the video wall as a visual gateway down hallways. We’ve seen businesses use digital signage to display schedules, announcements, news, weather updates, and brand messaging. It’s entirely up to you! 


Could your Texas business benefit from an LED video wall? Are you wondering how you can have one installed in the building? Contact Videotex Systems here to learn more about video walls and our AV services.