What AV Solutions Should You Consider for Your Church?

Having the Right Technology Makes It Easy to Connect with Your Congregation 

Uniting and inspiring your congregation can be difficult without the right tools. Even the best messages often get lost and muddled if not supported by the right audiovisuals to keep members engaged. A dedicated sound system, distributed video and streaming are just some ways to improve the worship experience and ensure your message is clearly heard. 

Read on to learn more about our most popular church AV solutions, and don’t hesitate to reach out about some of our other services, including TV production systems, lighting control and more. 

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Installed Sound System 

In today’s churches, a reliable and premium audio system is very important. As congregations get bigger, encouraging participation during worship gets harder if the music is muddled or the pastor’s message is hard to hear. Sometimes, the urge is to place a few speakers in front and call it a day. But that then creates an uncomfortable experience for those in front. Designing a comprehensive sound system is a much better option. 

Our team installs professional-grade speakers to ensure your church has even coverage of audio. Then we provide an easy control platform to choose your audio source, where you want to play it and how loudly. We also offer sound mixing and other production solutions to optimize sound quality for live performances. 

Video Distribution

Video is a great way to make your message more engaging. This is helpful not only for video displays on the big screens but also for online streaming. Display Bible verses, quotes from your sermon, video recordings, and the worship team as they create a posture for praise. Reach the congregants in the back of larger churches easily by broadcasting your service, concert, or performance on your television displays. 

Relay your messages using our enterprise-grade video distribution, which delivers lag-free, 4K video resolution to all your displays. It’s easy to choose the content you want and where to share it—whether on one screen, two, or all the screens on your property. If you use your system for digital signage, schedule which promotions or calendars to show on your displays throughout the week. 

Live Streaming Systems 

Recently, there’s also been greater interest in virtual services–leaving churches to improvise on the best ways to stream their message beyond their four walls. Although a web camera may have been a good temporary option during the pandemic, churches need to have a long-term solution in place. 

Create professional and engaging virtual services through our live streaming systems. As part of these installations, we’ll install enterprise-grade speakers and microphones, high-resolution cameras, and robust networking infrastructure to handle the bandwidth from all your broadcasts. In addition, we’ll train your team on how to record and share these sessions on your website.


Expand the reach of your message with our tailormade church AV solutions. The first step is getting to know more about your church and its distinct needs. Reach out to our team to set up a consultation by calling, filling out our contact form or chatting with us below.