The Best Audio-Visual Equipment for Your Conference Room

A large conference room with two displays, in-ceiling speakers, and microphones.

Impress Clients and Improve Productivity with the Right Equipment for Your Meeting Spaces

If you’re in the business sector in Austin, TX, you’ve undoubtedly come across many different conference rooms. One company may treat this space as a storage area, with extra chairs in the corners and a video system that looks like the ones used years ago in classrooms. Others have embraced the here-to-stay hybrid workforce and considered clients that now expect video conferencing options. 

They understand that their conference room is where they make those all-important first impressions, excite and challenge their team members, and gather board members to make impactful business decisions. As a result, you’ll often find AV solutions in these conference rooms offer crystal-clear video images and an impeccable sound system.

A Gallup survey found that there are about 60 million remote-capable workers in the U.S. Of these, 39% work exclusively in a remote position, and 42% have a hybrid schedule. With the right equipment, you can help engage this segment of your workforce and help make meetings, whether remote or in-person, more productive. 

Let’s explore the makings of high-performance conference room solutions that create a seamless connection between employees, managers, and clients.

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The Display

The display allows participants to view presentations, see their colleagues or clients, and screen share from laptops and other mobile devices. In rooms with two displays, one screen usually provides the space for shared content, and the other enables people to view the remote attendees. The standard technology is currently 4K UHD, offering crystal-clear details so your message is delivered fully. 

Video Conferencing

4K high-resolution streaming video creates an engaging community and the sense that all participants are present, whether they’re in the same town or across the world. At Videotex, we install and support video conferencing technology systems for Zoom, Microsoft for Teams, LifeSize, and many others.

With the right AV equipment, your conference room can offer the ultimate collaborative environment, where remote workers have the same experience as those in the office. In addition to the display, this requires a camera, microphone, and speakers. Beamforming microphones can guide the smart camera to focus in on the speaker, and the right mix of microphones and high-definition speakers can reduce feedback and other noises. 


With the right automation system, participants can start the meeting with one tap on a room’s touchscreen, connecting instantly to the remote attendees. At the same time, the lighting settles into the optimal hue for video conferencing or in-person meetings, and motorized shades can raise or lower to the correct level, reducing glare while offering natural light. 

At Videotex, we’ve completed hundreds of boardrooms throughout Texas, designing and installing systems incorporating the latest AV technology and automation. We provide all the needed equipment as well as AV as a service and the IT infrastructure and network cabling that supports your system.


Our team of AV experts is committed to creating workspaces unique to your business demands and that exceed your expectations every time. To learn more about conference room solutions or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Videotex today.