The Latest Trends in Commercial Surveillance Systems

A security camera watching over an office with people at their desks.

Protect Your Business and Your Staff with AI Technology and High-Resolution Cameras

Video surveillance has dramatically changed as technology has transformed it from grainy images that were difficult to see and night images that left detection all but impossible to crystal clear 4K images that rival your smart TV. 

Despite the advancements, some business owners hesitate to integrate these systems into their companies for numerous reasons. It’s important to remember, however, that just the presence of a security camera can deter thieves. Unfortunately, like most cities, businesses in Fort Worth, TX, experience their fair share of theft. The Star-Telegram showed a map that depicted over 900 crimes in downtown Fort Worth committed within a year, from May 2021-2022. 

Smart surveillance systems do much more than secure your business. Let’s explore the latest trends in commercial surveillance systems and how they’re helping business owners protect their staff and assets.

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Advanced Artificial Intelligence and Alerts

One of the biggest advances in the security industry is the integration of artificial intelligence. Now, cameras are smart and become smarter as they watch over your business. They recognize an everyday occurrence and when something out of the ordinary happens. For example, you’ll receive a notification when someone loiters in an unauthorized area or crosses a digital tripwire. 

When a car drives into the parking lot during off hours, glass breaks, or someone attempts to gain entry, you’ll receive an alert. You or your security team can pull up live video feed on a mobile device and determine if the situation warrants a call to law enforcement. Most of these video surveillance systems also offer two-way intercoms, enabling you to let the intruder know that they’ve been spotted.

These systems also utilize license plate recognition and can disallow restricted vehicles from entering a parking garage. This technology is also useful for the police in helping identify parties responsible for a crime. 

Discourage Employee Theft and Increase Productivity

Companies with video surveillance see an increase in productivity and an enhanced customer experience. It appears that just the presence of a camera encourages workers to perform their best. Operators can also look for areas that need improvement and use the video as a training tool. 

Additionally, just as these security cameras act as a deterrent to criminals, they also help reduce employee theft. On average, businesses lose 7% of their annual revenue due to theft or fraud. When integrated with other security measures, business owners can rest assured they’re utilizing all resources to protect their staff and property. This includes access control, intrusion detection, and remote monitoring.


At Videotex, we utilize the latest AV technology and commercial security to create systems that help our clients increase productivity and protection. It’s been our pleasure to support the Dallas-Fort Worth area for over 40 years with proactive measures that secure staff, businesses, and buildings. To learn more about commercial surveillance and AV systems or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Videotex today.