4 Major Benefits of a PoE Lighting System

A bright commercial lobby lit by a Power over Ethernet lighting system with a tablet mounted on the wall.

A Smarter Approach to Commercial Lighting 

If your business spans many rooms, floors, and locations, that’s a lot of lighting to manage. Wouldn’t it be nice to control not only when lights are on but how they’re illuminated, too?

Imagine lights that automatically shift to a warm, cozy appearance in the evening and outdoor lights that turn on right as the sun sets. Perhaps you manage several restaurants, and the mood lighting needs to change for dinnertime. Or maybe your office lighting needs to adjust for different activities and times of day. 

Rather than use standard AC power, Power over Ethernet (PoE) allows you to control all your lights from one centralized location without worrying about an outlet nearby. A PoE lighting system provides more flexibility and smart control options to create your desired atmosphere. 

How does PoE lighting work? Find out for your Austin, TX business below! 

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PoE Lighting, Explained 

Power over Ethernet means using Ethernet cables to provide low-voltage power to lights instead of AC power. Using the same wires that transmit internet data, Ethernet allows you to control groups of lights simultaneously through a smart system. This same system can also control motorized shades, security devices, sensors, AV, and more, consolidating all technology into one easy-to-use platform. 

Benefits of PoE Lighting

1. Reduce Upfront Installation Costs 

AC power needs heavier gauge wire and a conduit, so you’ll require an electrician to install an AC system. But with PoE, your technology integrator that’s already installing audio, security, and video can also install PoE lighting systems. 

Additionally, LED lights need DC power to perform, so AC power would need to be converted in a transformer, causing a 20% power loss. With PoE, nothing needs to be converted, and you won’t need to worry about installing a transformer. 

2. Automate & Intelligently Control Lights 

Ethernet cables can connect directly to a smart control system, meaning you can remotely control and automate all your lights. Whether you’re using a touchscreen tablet, smartphone, or handheld remote, you can adjust the color and brightness of lights, group lights into rooms, and instruct them to activate or change appearance according to a schedule.

3. Use Less Energy

Since we aren’t installing high-voltage wiring, PoE lights use much less energy to run and will cost less. The system will use less electricity and run cooler, as there isn’t an AC/DC transformer. Plus, when your LED lights are connected to a control system, you’ll automate lights to power off when not in use, ultimately conserving more energy.

4. Enjoy Greater Design Flexibility 

As we only need Ethernet cables to power your lights, we can install lighting fixtures in any location. Whether that’s linear LEDs along the ceiling, dramatic sconce lights high on the walls, or small pathway lights along the stairs, it’s easier to place lights wherever you’d like when it only requires running Ethernet cables. 

If your Austin company is renovating, building a new office, or is interested in lighting control, Videotex Systems is here to help. We install complete PoE lighting systems that enhance the way your business operates. 


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