Why Should Your University Invest in Education and Information Technology?

A lecture hall with several rows of tables and chairs and a large three-panel display at the head of the room.

Take the Classroom Experience to the Next Level 

There’s nothing like round-table discussions and underlining pages in books to stir the mind and inspire critical thinking. And while old-school learning methods still prevail, today’s technology solutions are helping professors share information and simplify the classroom experience, leaving more time for learning. 

If your college or university in the Austin, TX, area hasn’t updated its technology in many years, it may be time to take a look at what’s available. Here’s how education and information technology can enhance learning and help faculty across your campus. 

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Students & Professors Can Easily Share Presentations 

In classes where professors and students share PowerPoint presentations, videos, and information on the big screen, we can simplify the experience with a wireless conference setup. Oftentimes, when many people switch off sharing from their laptops, they’ll encounter compatibility issues. Some students use Macs while others use PCs, and certain laptops include HDMI and USB inputs, while others don’t. 

You can avoid finagling wires and emailing from laptop to laptop—and ultimately wasting time—with wireless content sharing. We’ll install a wireless system in classrooms and lecture halls that allows everyone to share their personal device to the main display and speakers, synced in seconds with a tap of a button. 

Classrooms & Auditoriums Become Easier to Control 

It should be intuitive for everyone to manage classrooms and lecture halls, even new and visiting professors. We can integrate all technology into one interface that connects to video displays, projectors, speakers, microphones, lighting, shading, and more. A single button labeled “Presentation” can set up the room for success on a touchscreen tablet or handheld remote. 

Remote Students Can Participate Real-Time 

If your school offers online classes, we can improve the lecture experience with a complete camera, microphone, and AV system. In-ceiling microphones will capture participation from in-person students, and if an online student shares an idea, audio speakers across the room will distribute their voice. 

Cameras can follow the professor as they move about the room, automatically sharing to the conference software. So whether your university uses Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, or switches between platforms, the call will connect to AV instantly. 

Your Network Will Support It All 

All the technology used across campus relies on a strong, reliable network. We can wire the internet and data to critical areas while also building a commercial-grade wireless system that provides students and staff with speedy Wi-Fi. We’ll wire smart technologies to the network, so they communicate with each other automatically. 


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