What to Look For in a Commercial Security System

A dome surveillance camera overlooking an office lobby.

The Right Technology to Bring Peace of Mind to Your Dallas Business 

Security concerns are on the rise here in Texas, and if your Fort Worth business needs a new system, we’re here to help. While older commercial security systems only provide video footage after an incident has already occurred, modern smart solutions can proactively notify you before it’s too late to act. 

For the best results, you’ll need an all-in-one system that syncs security devices to a centralized controller. Here’s what we recommend for complete protection. 

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The Latest Equipment

Today’s surveillance cameras are smarter than ever. Video analytic software can differentiate people and objects, and users can search through footage for specific colors, license plates, and other identifiers. 

Video analytics ‘knows’ not to bother you with false alarms, so routine actions like mail delivery won’t trigger an alert. But if someone walks into a specified area after-hours, for instance, you’ll be alerted and can inspect video feeds accordingly. 

Remote Access and Monitoring 

Your security team should be able to access video feeds from any location at any time. We can implement remote access solutions so that if someone receives an alert of suspicious activity outside, they can pull out a phone or tablet and check camera footage instantly. Access security logs remotely as well to review who has entered your building throughout the day. 

Cloud-Based Storage 

Physical storage systems are vulnerable to theft or damage. Plus, you need to override footage quite frequently to avoid running out of space. A cloud system allows you to retrieve surveillance footage from many different locations, and we can encrypt the system to ensure it’s protected from hackers. 

All-in-One Integrated System 

Imagine accessing your cameras, alarms, door locks, access control, intercoms, and smart lights, all from the same interface. We can integrate all your security technology into one smart system that streamlines the security process. To use the smart system, staff will be required to enter a passcode, so you’ll keep security access in the right hands. 

Service for Maintenance and Updates

Do you have someone to call if anything goes wrong with your security system? Before hiring a company to install your surveillance system, make sure they offer support services to guarantee your technology is always up and running. Technology and networks can be unpredictable, so support services are essential for guaranteed success. 


Whether you represent a school, corporate office, government agency, or commercial space, Videotex Systems designs and installs custom security systems to suit your unique needs. 

Contact our team of experts to learn more about our security solutions and how we can protect your business today.