Keep Your Dallas Business Connected with Network Cabling Services

Yellow wires in a structured network cabling system.

How We Build Seamless & Structured Cabling Systems 

All modern businesses need speedy internet connections to function, from office buildings to hospitals. Whether people are pulling up files on a computer or sharing information on digital displays, they need these technologies to perform reliably every day. 

In a large organization with hundreds of people on the network, you’ll need a system that can handle such high demands. Commercial networking is not like a home setup—a few Wi-Fi extenders or access points aren’t going to cut it. To meet your Dallas, TX business’s demands, you’ll need professional network cabling services to ensure every device is online and communicating properly. 

Here’s what network cabling services look like and how our services can provide smooth-sailing connections. 

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What’s Wired to the Network? 

While wireless technology is often buzzed about today, wired is the surest way to guarantee your devices are on the network and communicating properly. We wire all your systems to one centralized location that’s structured and organized, making it simple for your IT team to handle 

Our network cabling services support the following solutions: 

What Does Structured Cabling Do? 

When we build a network, we arrange cables into a strategic infrastructure that we call ‘structured cabling.’ Without structured cabling, you may open the networking closet to find a gigantic tangle of wires. To avoid this mess, we use trunks and patch panels to direct wires into labeled locations. 

A structured cabling system creates optimal data flow. And if anything goes wrong with the network, your IT team can quickly find the cables they’re looking for to troubleshoot. Plus, technology won’t overheat in our structured systems, and we’ll eliminate connection errors. 

Cables We Work With 

When building structured network systems, we use the following cables: 

  • Voice and data cabling
  • Fiber optic cabling
  • Video cabling
  • Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6 cables 

Making Your Technology Thrive 

There’s a science to network cabling, and it takes a seasoned expert to design and install a high-performing system. At Videotex Systems, we approach every networking project as a unique challenge.

For example, if your business needs new conference rooms, we’ll design the network, install conferencing equipment, and offer maintenance as required. Wiring would power the speakers, microphones, video data, and smart control while connecting them to the network, so you’re always online. 

Discover Network Cabling in Dallas 

If your organization could benefit from updated network cabling, contact Videotex Systems to learn more about our services in the Dallas, Texas, area. We look forward to working with you!