4 Signs Your Business Should Install an Access Control System

A hand holding a phone towards a building access control reader.

Protect Your Staff & Assets with Stronger Building Access Control 

Do you know who’s coming and going from your business throughout the day? What about after hours? From office buildings to schools to law firms, all kinds of Austin, TX businesses can benefit from building access control

Whether you think your business is in a ‘nice area’ or you’re mildly concerned about crime, access control can give you the peace of mind to run your business with less worry. If you’re unsure if an access control system is right for your organization, here are some signs you’re ready. 

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1. If There’s Valuable Technology or Assets in the Building 

Do you have hundreds or even thousands of computers and displays in your buildings? Do you manufacture or produce valuable goods? You’d best ensure that’s all protected! Access control ensures that only authorized people can enter your facility and specific areas by tapping a card, scanning a phone app, entering a PIN, or sharing a fingerprint. 

While you may be thinking, “Our staff has keys to the building, and we keep the doors locked, so we’re safe,” be careful to assume employees would never steal from your organization. In fact, 75 percent of employees admit to having stolen at least once from their employer, and 90 percent of significant theft losses come from employees. An access control system synced to surveillance cameras will reduce the likelihood of this happening. 

2. If There Are Many People Coming and Going 

If your organization has hundreds or even thousands of people passing through the doors, how can you make sure someone dangerous doesn’t slip inside? Access control at entrances or turnstiles will guarantee only those with permission can enter the building. You can even add another layer of security by asking for a pin or biometric scan to enter the elevator. 

3. If There Are Strictly Staff-Only Areas 

Businesses that are partially open to the public would be smart to guard staff-only areas with access control. Whether that’s a storage area, kitchen, labs, or archives in a museum—whatever your off-limits zones are—you can prompt people to tap their card or type a code to be granted access. 

4. If You’re Still Relying on Keys

Do your employees still use keys to enter the building? While keys work, it’s time-consuming to issue keys to new staff. And if someone forgets or loses a key, they may be locked out and waste time as they try to get inside. It can also be difficult to retrieve keys from terminated employees, leading to security issues. 

You can simplify the entire process by automatically providing (or revoking) access permissions through the security system interface. The day someone is hired, you can create a key card or pin code for them to navigate the building. And if you don’t want staff entering after hours? Set time frames on smart locks to guarantee no one can enter at unusual times. 


Create a safe and secure environment in your Austin business with a building access control system. To get started, contact Videotex Systems here.