The Benefits of Commercial Lighting Control Systems

A large commercial area with several small tables and chairs and a glass roof.

Save Energy and Create a Better Work Environment

About 150 years ago, inventors began working on a project that would transform how we live our lives and run our businesses. Now, for better or worse, we can work and play 24/7, with no regard to daylight. The global 24-hour economy has taken hold, and the invention that started it, the incandescent light bulb, has continued to transform from halogen to fluorescent and HID. 

Today, we have entered the era of commercial lighting control and LEDs. In May 2022, a federal law took effect that requires more energy-efficient light bulbs and lamps. In essence, this law eliminates most incandescent and halogen products, though there are some exemptions. By 2032, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) anticipates that most lighting installations will use LED technology. Let’s explore what this means to businesses in Austin, TX.

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Reduced Energy Consumption

The simple act of upgrading to LED lights in a commercial setting translates to 90% less electricity use, according to the DOE. Additionally, these lights last 15 times longer. Companies that commit to energy efficiency save a significant amount of money and help reduce the nation’s electricity usage. 

It’s estimated that the widespread use of LEDs by 2027 may result in a total savings of more than $30 billion while decreasing greenhouse gas emissions and producing zero toxic elements.

When you add commercial lighting control, the savings are even greater. Using sensors and programming, the lights automatically adjust throughout the day based on the level of natural light. As diffuse sunlight enters a room, the lights dim. These sensors also detect when someone enters and leaves a room, automatically switching on and off the lights accordingly.

When integrated with smart motorized shades and climate control, the three work effortlessly together, reducing energy usage and maintaining the ideal environment. You can also control every light from one user-friendly interface and manage it remotely. Did someone forget to turn on the security lights when they left? One tap on your mobile device turns them on.   

A Happier, More Productive Staff

According to a wellness study by Future Workplace, some of the most sought-after perks for employees include views of the outdoors and natural light. The study also found that employees who sit next to windows demonstrate increased productivity and show up for work more than those who work under artificial light. Of course, not every business has natural light streaming through large, picturesque windows. 

They can, however, use tunable LED lighting. This lighting technology emulates the changing colors of daylight. The lights appear cool and bright in the morning, blue-toned at midday, and soft and warm in the evening. Not only is this lighting beautiful, but it also influences people’s circadian rhythm, the natural cycle that affects one’s energy, mood, and behavior. Natural light encourages creativity and helps keep people upbeat by mimicking the feel and look of being outdoors.


Are you ready to reduce your energy consumption and create a healthier environment? At Videotex, we design and install customized commercial lighting control systems unique to each company’s environment and needs. To learn more about commercial lighting control or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Videotex today.