4 Reasons Why LED Video Walls Are More in Demand Than Ever

A curved LED video wall displaying desert canyon imagery.

The Sleek, Modern Way to Display Signage & Video 

LED video walls are skyrocketing in popularity. According to Fortune Business Insights, the market size was $15.91 billion in 2018 and is projected to more than double to $36.16 billion by 2026. 

Why are LED video walls taking off? There are many reasons! Organizations of all kinds, from city governments to hotels to healthcare facilities, are finding video walls to be rewarding ways to share information and attract visitors’ attention. 

Should your Austin, TX, business invest in a video wall? Here are four reasons why it would be a great idea! 

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1. The Modern, Minimal Appearance 

Gone are the days of clunky TV displays. LED video walls are ultra-thin, with incredibly clear video in 4K or 8K. This immediately sends out the message that your business is ahead of the curve, thriving, and forward-thinking. Whether you’re considering a video wall for a city center or a university lobby, a video wall’s presence alone will attract eyes and impress visitors. 

2. Limitless Dimensions & Layouts 

With traditional video signage, you’re limited to the TV display’s dimensions. But LED video walls can be constructed in any size or shape, even fitted to curved walls. So whether you want a video wall that encompasses an entire hallway or only a small wall panel, you can get creative and find the solution that accommodates your needs. 

3. Simple to Customize & Update 

In the past, if you wanted to update signage, you’d need to order new printed signs and have someone install them. A video wall can be updated anytime and instantly via the cloud. This way, you can get creative with large-scale marketing campaigns that always capture your customer’s attention. 

4. Immersive & Effective Messaging 

Video walls can be applied to endless settings—hospitals, restaurants, retail stores, music venues, night clubs; so it’s impossible to say which ways businesses should use them. Whether you’re sharing ticket information in the lobby of a museum or brand-centric imagery in a store, video walls will immerse guests into your brand’s experience. 

If you need to share important information, it simply cannot be missed on a video wall. No matter where or how video walls are used, the all-encompassing dimensions and beautiful visuals immediately garner attention. 

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