How to Build Meeting Spaces for Video Calls & Collaboration

A large meeting space with people participating in a video conference.

Conferencing & Collaboration Require Their Own Tools 

From the looks of it, hybrid work is here to stay. In fact, 68% of high-growth companies are embracing the hybrid model, with half the staff working in the office while the rest call in remotely. If your Dallas, TX, business is also experiencing these changes, is it time to rethink your meeting spaces

What once worked in older conference rooms may not make sense anymore. And in modern conference rooms with cameras, microphones, and devices for video calls, do those spaces work for collaboration and brainstorming? 

Our technicians and designers have helped Texas businesses make the most of hybrid work models and redesign their meeting spaces. Here’s a better approach for success. 

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Conference Room vs. Collaboration Space 

In most conference rooms, you’ll find a long table with chairs facing each other. At the head of the table, there will likely be a video display or projection system connected to speakers and cameras. 

While this arrangement works perfectly for presentations and conference calls, it’s not always the best space for moving around the room, brainstorming on the walls, and getting creative. And that’s okay! Knowing how to use your rooms—whether they’re for formal meetings or creative thinking sessions—is the first step toward creating a more productive office environment. 

Make Video Conferences a Success 

To make the most of video calls in your conference rooms, you’ll need more than a single camera and microphone at the end of the table. If you rely on only one mic, remote participants will find it difficult to hear and understand what people are saying across the room. 

A better approach is to install multiple cameras, microphones, and speakers in the room and connect them to your video conferencing system. Ceiling and tabletop microphones ensure everyone’s voices are heard clearly, and with cameras mounted at different angles, you’ll capture a face-front view of the team. 

And if there’s a pesky echo in the room? We’ll install acoustic treatments to balance the sound and guarantee easy listening. 

Create Meeting Spaces to Collaborate 

There’s a time and place for the long conference table and video calls—and that likely will happen many times a week. But other times, it’s helpful to get everyone in the room and around the table to work through a problem or come up with a new idea. 

For these brainstorming activities, we recommend using rooms with round tables, whiteboards, and more open space to move around. If you need someone to join the discussion remotely, we can install a camera and microphone that connect to a display and your UC platform. But generally, these collaboration meeting spaces are best for an in-person experience. 


If your Texas business could benefit from an updated conference room system, Videotex Systems is here to help. We design and install custom conference rooms with all the technology you need for seamless video conferencing. 

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