Create a Better Work Environment with Office Automation

The lobby area of an office with a large painting, four chairs, and someone talking to the receptionist.

Decrease Costs and Increase Productivity with the Latest Technology

Business owners and operation managers have recently faced some strong headwinds, from labor and supply chain challenges to increasing competition on a global scale. In many cases, technology has provided the bridge to get them through the upheavals and provided a clear path to continued advancements.

One of the technologies helping streamline their efforts and provide a better work environment is office automation. Let’s explore how businesses in Dallas, TX, use this technology to enhance operations, create an efficient environment, and give them a competitive edge. 

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Office Automation Defined

Office automation integrates the electronics you use daily, such as lighting, security, motorized window shades, heating and air conditioning, and audio-video technology. It enables one-touch control on a user-friendly platform as well as automated sequences.

For business operators, one of the most valued features is the ability to keep an eye on the company from anywhere, whether in the office or halfway around the globe. Using your smartphone or another mobile device, see what’s happening on site. For example, were the doors locked and the alarm armed after the last employee left? You’ll receive alerts when anything out of the ordinary occurs and, if integrated with your security system, pull up a live video feed on the same platform.

At work, staff can use in-wall keypads or touchscreens to manage the office environment. With one touch, they can turn off one or every light, lower or raise shades, lock and unlock doors, and adjust the thermostat. You can perform these same tasks from anywhere in the world.

Controlling Multiple Systems Simultaneously

Our certified technicians at Videotex Systems can program scenes that enable one-touch control for multiple systems, ensuring opening and closing procedures are followed. For example, a “Good Morning” button can raise the shades, unlock the doors, set the lighting, set the music and video, and adjust the temperature. 

When it’s time to close, the last person to leave presses the “Goodbye” button on the keypad by the door, and the lights dim, the shades lower, the temperature adjusts, the AV equipment powers off, the doors lock, and the alarm activates. This same system also turns off all the lights when a room is unoccupied and sets the climate based on occupancy.

Additionally, this platform helps video conferencing sessions between staff, clients, or vendors go according to plan. We’ll program different settings for different scenarios, such as a “Presentation” button that turns on the video conferencing equipment, lowers the screen, dims the lights, and closes the shades.  

At Videotex Systems, we specialize in helping businesses create streamlined operations through easy-to-use technology, integrating existing brands or designing a system from the ground up. To learn more about office automation or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Videotex Systems today.