What Does an Extron System Do?

Learn All About the Audio-Video Management System 

All kinds of businesses rely on audio and video every day. There are sports stadiums with speakers and scoreboards that follow every win and loss. There are corporate boardrooms that use AV for video conferencing and quarterly presentations. Stores, houses of worship, schools, command centers—every shape of modern business uses audio and video. 

So, how does your Austin, TX, company use audio and video? Do you need a better way to manage AV and distribute media? There are many AV control systems on the market, but today, we’ll be focusing on one of our partner brands, Extron systems, and how their solutions make entertainment and information happen. 

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What Does Extron Do?

Extron is an American AV hardware and software manufacturer that helps millions of businesses share visuals, voices, music, video, news, images, and all types of content. Extron’s technologies produce better-looking images, high-quality sound, and easily-controlled AV systems. 

Extron’s hardware distributes, streams, and controls content from any source to any destination. Their hardware collection includes AV control systems, audio amplifiers, speakers, high-resolution cables, signal converters, and video switches. So, for example, if you manage a theater, you can use Extron’s systems to distribute the right microphone feed and music sources to corresponding speakers. 

On the software side, Extron software allows you to configure and program media content to your needs and accelerate the deployment of AV control systems. Extron holds over 100 patents for innovative tech that answers almost any AV question. 

Where Is Extron Used?

For an idea of other businesses that use Extron systems, consider their customers in the following markets: 

You’ll find Extron in all types of settings, from conference rooms to courtrooms, theme parks to museums. If a space features video displays, speakers, microphones, intercoms, digital signage, and any other AV, Extron can be used to control and manage it all. 

How Do I Use an Extron System?

An AV integrator like our team at Videotex Systems will configure and wire all your technology to the Extron system. Once installed, you’ll use the Extron interface to command and control your AV system. 

You can use a computer, touchscreen tablet, remote, and even wall switches to control your Extron system and connect to the integrated technologies. You can customize how imagery will appear on your video walls or send a specific playlist to all your in-ceiling speakers. Whatever your needs, you’ll use the Extron system like your command system to swipe and tap, automating the process and instantly updating your system. 

Get Started with Extron

Extron systems are designed and installed by certified dealers. In the Austin area, Videotex Systems is your local dealer for Extron technologies. Contact our team here to learn more about Extron and to get started today.