How We Install School PA Systems

Students sitting at desks in an elementary school classroom

Trust the Experts to Install Your School’s Public Address Speakers

From morning announcements to early dismissals, schools use PA systems to keep everyone informed and connected. Some announcements are for fun, others are urgent; but no matter what your Austin, TX, school uses a PA system for, you need quality speakers in every room and synced to one system. 

If your school or university needs a new announcement system, you should work with an installation company that specializes in PA speakers and understands your school’s unique needs. School PA systems do not function the same as the background music systems you’ll find in stores and other commercial spaces. Here’s how we prepare and install PA systems in Texas schools like yours. 

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First, We Conduct a Site Survey 

Before drawing any plans, we’ll visit your school for a proper walkthrough and measure room acoustics and dimensions. To understand what speakers we need and how many, we’ll also gauge the ambient sound of rooms while they’re occupied with students. 

Rooms that are exceptionally loud, like gymnasiums and cafeterias, may need a network horn speaker to project over noisy chatter. We’ll also measure outdoor spaces, so the PA system extends to playgrounds, sports fields, and tennis courts. 

Next, We Design the PA System 

After measuring your school’s ambient noise levels and room dimensions, we’ll determine how many speakers you need in each area. Speaker mounting height can impact the spread of sound, and all speaker models have different dispersion angles. We’ll draft CAD drawings with enough speakers to cover each room so all students can hear announcements. 

Sourcing the Best Equipment 

PA announcements need to be 12 decibels higher than a room’s background noise level, so we’ll take that into consideration when choosing which speakers to order. For a seamless appearance, we can install in-wall or in-ceiling speakers that blend into classrooms. 

We’ll also source a system controller that’s easy for your staff to use and include flashing speaker components to signal schedule changes, announcements, and emergencies. Before anything’s installed, we’ll review our plans and equipment with you, so you know what to expect. 

Install the PA System 

Now it’s time to get started! We’ll connect your PA speakers over the ethernet network wiring already running through the walls. All speakers will connect back to the system controller in the office, where staff can use a single interface to play audio from a microphone, music source, or sound effects. We’ll show your team how to use the system, which should be intuitive and easy for all to start and end announcements anytime. 

Ready for a New PA System? 

Videotex Systems designs and installs high-end PA systems in schools across the Austin area. We’ll build a network of speakers that you can control individually or in unison to effectively share messages across the school. 


To learn more about our services, contact Videotex Systems today. We look forward to working with you!