3 Tiers of Hybrid & Remote Boardrooms

People gathered at a table with a video display showing remote participants in a video conference call.

From Basic Room Setups to High-End Systems 

When people work from home, it’s quite simple to log onto a Zoom or Teams meeting from a laptop or desktop computer. They may use a large monitor and an external camera, but video calls are fairly user-friendly for the individual. 

Challenges arise when more than one person in a room attempts to join a video call. Meeting face-to-face is incredibly valuable for those in the office, so calling from individual desks loses much of the purpose of being in person. But how can everyone fit in the camera frame and have their voice captured clearly for the call? 

A remote boardroom system can bring everyone into the video call, enhancing audio and video on both sides of the screen. But depending on the size of your conference rooms and amount of people joining calls, that may influence the amount of hardware and controls you’ll need. 

Here are three tiers of remote boardroom systems you can bring to your Austin, TX office and scale across conference rooms with help from Videotex Systems. 

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Basic Setups & Huddle Rooms 

If you’re conducting video calls in a small space or huddle room, you’ll need fewer microphones and cameras than in a large space. Since people will be closer to the camera and microphone, their voices will be heard clearly, and everyone can fit in the frame. 

Still, a small conference room can greatly benefit from a soundbar installed under a video display for clearer, louder audio. We recommend including a camera and microphone mounted above the display, and for superior voice capture, consider a tabletop or ceiling microphone. A touchscreen controller on the table makes it simple to start and end calls within the platform of your choice. 

Next Level 

In a larger space with more people, your business would benefit from adding another screen that can be used to display slideshows, information, or digital whiteboards. Wireless sharing features make it easy for people to switch off leading the meeting, and if conference rooms are in high demand, room scheduling makes it simple to book rooms and check schedules. 

Ultimate Conference Room  

In large boardrooms, you need a way to capture voices and faces that are far away from the head of the table. For this, we install and program multiple cameras and microphones across the room. AI-driven software can track faces and place them each into individual squares on the Zoom, Teams, or Google Meet call. And with ceiling or table microphones, everyone’s voice is captured clearly. 

With a room control system, you can manage the room’s lights, shades, AV, and media from a single interface. We design and install conference room systems that are intuitive and easy to use, making video conferencing easier—not more of a hassle. 


If your Austin-area business needs smarter video conferencing solutions, contact Videotex Systems to learn more about our services and all that we do. We look forward to speaking with you!