Which NewTek TriCaster Do You Need for Your Productions?

A professional camera shoots a live event.

Explore all the possibilities for a mobile production system!

Producing your own audio-video content is an exciting experience. Whether you are streaming on social media or creating a high-end product as a media business, having a state-of-the-art production system is a must. At Videotex Systems, we partner with NewTek TriCaster to assist you in creating and delivering content in Austin, TX, and throughout the country with the ultimate quality. 

In this blog, we will explore a few solutions and help you find one that satisfies your unique needs. Take a look to discover which works best for you!

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Just Getting Started? TriCaster Mini

For those of you who are beginning the media production journey, investing in specialized, comprehensive systems might not be the wisest choice, as it is likely you won’t take full advantage of them. For individual users that want to create live video with few cameras and add professionally looking graphics and effects, we recommend the TriCaster Mini. 

This compact video creation system is equipped with NDI technology for IP-based production and easy connectivity to cameras and devices. The TriCaster Mini is an excellent tool for creating content in 4K UHD resolution with ease, which works great if you are looking to publish and stream your creations online. 

TriCaster TC410 for a Knowledgeable Team

This is the perfect system for a video geek team that wants to run an entire production operation. If you aim to capture and produce shows from any location, add on-camera action, jaw-dropping effects, and quick post-production turnaround, then the TriCaster TC410 is for you.

This system is perfect for daily live production and webcasting systems. It works with formats up to 3G 1080p 60 and up can connect to 8 external SDI and IP sources. In addition, the TriCaster TC410 allows you to record eight channels of full-resolution video and deliver content in a range of aspect ratios, resolutions, and frame rates for the perfect viewing experience on any screen. This is ideal for on-site production of live events at stadiums or mobile production trucks. 

TriCaster 2 Elite for Experienced Companies

The TriCaster 2 Elite is the most transformative digital media live production system in the market, which makes it our recommendation for pro-level companies that want to create high-impact content and have a limitless number of cameras, video feeds, and media sets. It works in formats up to UHD 60p and with up to 32 external SDI and IP sources. 

The TriCaster 2 Elite is equipped with extended video mixing and delivery via the built-in NDI software video router. It produces eight separate HD Mix outputs simultaneously, and it offers unparalleled flexibility to share your content between different systems, users, and departments. This innovative system is ideal for media businesses, production facilities, and broadcasters who need the most advanced features to enhance their media production.

At Videotex Systems, we can help you take your content creation to a whole new level. If you want to learn more about our unique solutions, contact us right here or drop a message for us in the chat box below.

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