The Changing Landscape in Audio-Visual Integration

A woman standing next to a display, speaking to five people with computers or tablets in a huddle space.

The Latest Technology Enhances Workplace Collaboration & Productivity

The technology surrounding commercial AV has grown at a staggering pace. As audio-visual integration experts since 1984, we’ve watched the landscape in video conferencing, digital signage, and presentation technology transform. 

This latest technology has become integral to workplace collaboration and productivity, staying abreast of the latest marketing trends, and keeping pace in today’s rapidly evolving global presence. Let’s explore the latest audio-visual integration and how these systems can help your organization communicate more effectively and reach the next level of success.

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Remote Conferencing & Huddle Spaces

Thanks to advances in smart cameras, ceiling array microphones, high-performance in-ceiling speakers, and 4K HDR displays, audio and video quality in the conference room has never been better. Gone are the broken audio and video delays. Today, both remote and in-person participants benefit from crystal-clear images and sound. 

The latest collaboration tools have also increased teams’ abilities to complete tasks, share vital information, and collaborate seamlessly. Today’s collaboration solutions include screen sharing, video conferencing software, and interactive whiteboards.

Another fast-growing commercial audio-visual asset is the huddle space. In many organizations, we can create huddle spaces out of small, rarely-used areas. These rooms incorporate the latest video conferencing technology on a smaller scale, creating efficient collaboration spaces designed for virtual meetings.

Control panels ensure a seamless meeting, whether with remote staff or clients. Press a button to start a video conferencing session, providing a highly professional first impression and every impression afterward.

Digital Signage

As the cost of LCD and LED digital displays continues to decline, businesses are turning to these brilliant-colored, high-resolution images for enhancing brand awareness and conveying information. From smaller displays to video walls, their messaging can be changed almost instantly, whether used as a marketing tool or to share internal data. 

Expansive video walls are found in convention centers and lobbies, creating a “wow” factor. These wall-size displays grab and hold your attention and can be built to any size and shape. We can also integrate live data feeds that continually update. 

Working with an Experienced AV Integrator

At Videotex Systems, our team of expert AV integrators design and install commercial AV systems throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area. In the last 38-plus years, we’ve completed thousands of audio-video systems in numerous industries, including corporations, schools, local government, convention centers, and houses of worship. 

Our extensive experience ensures a customized solution designed for your needs and within your budget. We’ll help you determine the best solutions based on goals, current devices, and room size. We also ensure your system is easy to use and plays well with your many connected devices. 

Additionally, we are highly competent in all types of IP-connected gear, including audio-visual over internet protocol. We are there for our clients long after the last installation, offering support and service and helping them expand as their business grows and their needs change. 

Are you ready to explore the many options in today’s audio-visual technology? To learn more about audio-visual integration or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Videotex Systems today.