A Hybrid Work Environment Is the Future

A person at a workstation featuring a Crestron interface and controller.

Why Fight Remote or Hybrid Work Instead of Embracing It? Get Your Business Ready for the Future, Today!

The future is upon us. No longer can employers expect their entire workforce to be present in the office for big meetings or announcements. Most workers have embraced a remote or hybrid work environment as the new normal, which allows for a better work-life balance than the traditional five-day, nine-to-five, on-site workweek. 

At Videotex Systems, we design, install, and service the technology systems that are propelling companies in Austin, TX, towards a remote and hybrid future. Over the past several years, demand for this type of solution has increased dramatically. How about you; is your company ready for the new world?

Here is what it takes to achieve an efficient hybrid work environment, and the many benefits it brings for you, your business, and your employees.

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Connectivity & Communications

First and foremost, a hybrid work environment is about staying connected when it matters most. A strong, reliable network, and optimized collaboration platforms are both necessary for any global team to interact and remain productive. Some workers are already back at the office. Others have started working on-site once or twice a week. In many companies, most employees will continue working from home, leading to a streamlined, highly efficient workforce. 

Modern video conferencing solutions must address this diverse workforce, simultaneously catering to all three groups of employees. For on-site personnel, AV systems from companies like Extron create a highly interactive environment that promotes productivity and collaboration. For other employees, all control systems should be designed with remote collaboration in mind, allowing for seamless connectivity from anywhere in the world. 

Managing a Hybrid Team

Integrating and automating smart devices is the best way for your office to run like clockwork with or without employees physically present. And there’s no need to get your IT team involved! Anyone with proper authorization can easily set up, modify, or cancel a meeting, inviting on-site and remote employees alike with just a tap of the screen. 

Management will be automatically notified of any ongoing and future events, and interactive video walls and digital signage can be placed across the office to keep everyone up-to-date on corporation wide information. The built-in scheduling features in modern automation platforms also help, preventing overlapping events and sending alerts or recorded content to participants before, during, and after meeting. 

Imagine how much time and money you could be saving with a fully automated hybrid work environment, all while being flexible about each employee’s work preferences. Contact us to learn how we can make it happen!