The Benefits of Today’s Cloud-Based Building Access Control

A woman standing by a door using her smartphone by an access control reader.

Secure Your Property from Anywhere in an Instant

While we have cause for some celebration, with violent crimes down by over 5% in Dallas, TX, in 2022, robberies in businesses showed an uptick of almost 4%, according to WFAA. For commercial properties, that translates to the need for extra diligence when protecting assets, staff, and clients.

While many companies consider security alarms and video surveillance essential aspects of a robust security plan, the first line of defense is a building access control system. Let’s explore what these systems offer and how they’re protecting the things that matter the most.

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Cloud-Based Access Control & Simplified Management

Today’s systems offer effortless management of who gains access to your building at any time. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation with numerous locations and facilities, you can manage all doors from one friendly user interface. 

From this platform, users can set employee permissions, including adding new employees and changing access permissions for secure areas in the building. These permissions can be granted based on an employee’s schedule, role, and location.

Because they are cloud-based, administrators and security can log in anywhere, and change access instantly should an employee leave the company. Thanks to today’s mobile credentials, you no longer need to give out keycards or number codes but allow people to use their smartphones to gain access. 

Seamless Integration with Alarms and Video Surveillance

Our solutions can also seamlessly integrate with alarm and video surveillance systems, enabling you to monitor your business security system via any mobile device. When someone attempts to gain entrance without proper credentials, you, administrators, or security receive a notification. At the same time, your video surveillance system zooms in on the area to detect the possible intruder. 

Viewing live-streaming videos lets users determine if it’s an employee who forgot their keycard or smartphone, or someone attempting to enter without the proper authorization. Administrators can immediately buzz the door open using a mobile app if it’s a known vendor or client. You can also lock and unlock doors at any time and from anywhere.

Business Insights

Access control systems provide priceless business insights, including when each employee entered the premises and departed. Now, you know who is in your buildings at all times. This information enables you to spot changes in patterns that may be cause for concern. You can also automate hours of operation, ensuring no one enters when the business is closed.

You’ll know if someone is suddenly staying later or arriving earlier than any of your other employees. While this may mean an extremely hard worker, it can also indicate an employee gaining access to your business when no other personnel are around. You’ll also receive alerts when someone enters a secure area, such as the office or inventory room. 


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