Offices Require an Enterprise-Grade, Reliable, and Secure Network

A woman on a laptop in an office setting.

Wired Vs. Wireless Solutions for Office Networking

Office networking solutions keep employees connected and productive, enhancing efficiency and improving service. These systems require comprehensive security from viruses and hackers as well as scalability and flexibility. 

Whether you’re just setting up your office or are experiencing recurring issues like slow transfer speeds or poor Wi-Fi coverage, an enterprise-grade office network can ensure solid, fast, and secure connections. Let’s explore the basics of office networking for your Dallas, TX, business.

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The Basics of Office Networking

Office networks are designed to handle the growing needs of business operations. They offer a platform for applications like database management systems, spreadsheet programs, and networking communication protocols. 

Network technologies like Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) allow remote and mobile employees to work securely at home. This remote access is a critical element in today’s hybrid workforce world. Whether at home or on the road, employees have access to customer databases and data networks, keeping them productive no matter where they are. 

Secure business networking also makes it easy to add new applications down the road. This scalable solution allows your system to grow with you.

The Benefits of the Right Network

Every office has unique requirements and networking solutions that support workflow, production, and growing technology. With the right network, your company increases efficiency. Now, employees can work together, sharing resources remotely. 

Office networks use encryption keys, various firewalls, and complex passwords to keep unauthorized users or hackers from accessing corporate data. You can be confident that data and applications are secure. 

Ethernet Vs. Wireless

Depending on the size of your office, you may be considering wireless or ethernet connections. Many offices use a hybrid approach. 

The main advantage of a wireless solution is mobility. A Wi-Fi network lets you roam the halls with your laptop or head to the café. With more employees bringing their own device (BYOD), this solution is gaining steam.

Unfortunately, these are also less secure than an ethernet connection. Because data is sent over radio frequency technology to access points, it’s possible for hackers to intercept data when traveling. There are also more opportunities for signal interference, which can result in latency and speed issues. 

The benefits of ethernet or wired networks include security, speed, and reliability. These connections are more secure against viruses, malware, and hackers. A wired network also offers a faster connection and minimizes latency issues.

The Best Foundation

An enterprise-grade solution is critical for offices, as consumer networking products can’t keep up with a growing business. Enterprise-grade switches and routers ensure a reliable and fast connection. They allow your network to grow over time and are designed with redundancy and reliability in mind. 

At Videotex Systems, we specialize in AV system design and installation, helping businesses incorporate the latest audio-video technology for streamlining video conferences, digital sign integration, and broadcasts or streams. Many audiovisual products are connected, requiring a robust network. As part of our services, we provide an enterprise-grade network that works for your business now and long into the future. 

To learn more about office networking or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Videotex Systems today.