The Future of Education Is Upon Us!

A teacher and his students interacting in a smart classroom.

Education and Information Technology Are Transforming the Way Students Live and Learn

Schools in Austin, TX, look nothing like those from the past, as education and information technology continue changing the way we live and learn. From remote connectivity and interactive displays to school-wide communications, smart devices play a critical role in educational institutions at every level. That sounds like a lot of tech—and a lot of work! 

If you are wondering how your own school can possibly stay with the times, you are not alone, and we can help. At Videotex Systems, we install and integrate technology systems for schools and businesses across Texas, helping them become better, smarter, and more efficient. 

In this article, we will illustrate what a day of learning could look like for the modern student and learn how smart technologies are redefining the learning experience.

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School-Wide Communications

When first arriving at school, whether it is in person or by turning on their computer, students should have access to the latest information on their classes and other academic activities. That’s where an integrated, automated school PA system comes in. By pre-recording announcements and automating mass notifications, both on-site and remote (or hybrid) students can receive information simultaneously in real time. Those on campus will hear it on the hidden in-wall and in-ceiling speakers we installed for you, and those off-site will receive a notification on their phones. 

On to the Smart Classroom

There are plenty of smart technologies that could enhance the classroom experience for your students. At Videotex Systems, we can install, integrate, and automate all of them for you! The first requirement for seamless connectivity is a strong, reliable network to support your smart devices. Once our team is done with the network and wiring installation, we can start work on the interactive displays, speakers, cameras, and microphones that will keep students connected. 

Remote & Hybrid Learning

Over the past several years, the way we work, live, and learn has changed dramatically. Remote and hybrid learning are part of this change, and unless there is yet another unforeseen global event, they are here to stay. All technology systems we install take into consideration this new reality. Whether it is streaming interactive HD content or designing a two-way communication system, we are here to help!

As the world continues to rapidly change around us, it is critical for educational institutions to keep up. With the right smart devices, technology systems, and professional installation, you can bring your school into the future today. Contact us to learn how we can make it happen.