How to Illuminate Your Business Space for Success

Office space with windows on one wall and linear lighting on the ceiling.

The Psychology Behind Lighting, Mood & Productivity

Lighting can dramatically affect the way a room feels and even influence our behavior. Imagine it’s date night at an upscale restaurant, but the lights are harsh and bright—like a dentist’s office. Many diners peering in the windows may decide to take their appetites (and business) elsewhere. 

Across town, an office with dim, murky lighting and without windows may make the staff feel uninspired and groggy. All types of businesses need their own lighting standards and can benefit from smart lighting to create a better environment. 

Business owners and managers are wise to consider how their lighting alters the employee and customer experience. Whether you manage an office building, hotel, restaurant, university, or any commercial space in Austin, TX, here’s how commercial lighting control can help you create the best atmosphere. 

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Lighting & Emotions  

Many business owners only think about lighting’s purpose to illuminate a room. Of course, lighting does need to serve that function, but it can also impact people’s emotions. To ignore that component is a missed opportunity for any business! Well-planned commercial spaces are designed for an aesthetically pleasing environment to attract customers and retain employees.

Each environment calls for its own lighting settings. Warmer lights are relaxing and soothing and work best in clothing and furniture stores, dine-in restaurants, and hotels. Cool-toned lights evoke energy and cleanliness, which suits medical settings, home appliance stores, and workplaces where productivity is key. 

Opt for LEDs 

Ask any lighting designer, and they’ll say that LED lighting is the only way to go. LED lights can be intelligently controlled through lighting control systems, allowing you to wirelessly customize each bulb’s color temperature, brightness, and more. 

LEDs are also beneficial to employees’ health. Fluorescent lighting, once the go-to option in offices and retail stores, can trigger migraines and interfere with sleep patterns in the afternoon and evening. 

Unlike fluorescents, LEDs can be dimmed and color-tuned to replicate natural light. With smart LED lighting, people will feel much more comfortable inside your commercial space and desire to return.

Lighting Control for a Better Environment 

A networked lighting control system is the most sophisticated way to customize lighting. Lighting control allows you to adjust all your lights’ appearance and automate them to activate according to a schedule.

So imagine, as the afternoon sun sets, the lights in your commercial space shift to a warm, amber hue, so late-night employees feel more comfortable. If lights were to stay bright and cool in the evening, they might inspire anxiety or stress. 

The next day, the lighting system will trigger lights to turn on in the morning, set to a bright white. Ample cool lighting is known to energize the mind and inspire productivity. The control system can even tell motorized window shades to rise and lower at the perfect moments, bathing your business in natural light. You’re free to remotely monitor lighting usage and adjust the lights even if you’re not on the premises. 


A poorly-lit space is bad for business. Are you ready to upgrade to commercial lighting control? Videotex Systems designs and installs smart lighting systems that are intuitive to use. Contact us here to learn more and get started today!