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Choosing a Commercial Audio Visual Integrator

Choosing the best AV integrator There are many factors to consider when choosing a commercial [...]

Mobile Sports Video Production Studio

When I was sitting bundled up at my son’s soccer game last January, and it [...]

Texas governmental bodies required to put audio & video recordings on the Internet

The law In June of 2015, the Texas governor signed into law HB283 requiring certain [...]

Tips for using and installing wireless microphones

1. Use the manufacturer’s frequency selector to find the best frequency range for your area. [...]

Adding a Skype call to your Broadcast

Everyone has seen how news shows like CNN interview remote guests via Skype using the internet [...]

How to extend satellite from LAN room to conference room

How to extend satellite from LAN room to conference room We have all our satellite [...]

Streaming made easy

Are you interested in enabling streaming in your organization? Besides the standard network infrastructure, you [...]

Displaying iPad, iPhone & Android to Projectors & Displays

Now that iPads, iPhones, and Android devices are becoming so widespread, many users are looking [...]

What is an audio DSP?

My AV system has an audio DSP – what is it? An audio DSP is [...]